Do you lease a commercial property? Don’t let dilapidations be a costly oversight for your business.

Robertson Simpson are leading dilapidations experts helping you 
protect your business’s profit margins - saving you time, money
and ensuring you comply with UK accounting standards

Dilapidations are a contentious and complex issue for commercial property tenants and landlords, with landlords increasingly targeting dilapidations claims as a way of boosting their profits. Claims are costly and often unexpected. Outcomes can be severe, and in some cases can be equal to a company’s profit over the duration of the lease.

As a commercial tenant, misunderstanding your dilapidations obligations can bring:

  • The commercial risks of breaching lease terms
  • Inability to execute a lease break if you fall foul of often onerous conditions
  • Financial uncertainty of not accruing money to pay for dilapidation claims
  • Breach of UK accounting standards
  • Failure to take advantage of dilapidations tax free elements
  • 'Unexpected bill' at the end of a lease (usually a critical time for a business)
  • Higher repair and reinstatement costs than otherwise necessary

Key Questions for tenants

  • Are you expecting a bill at end of your current lease?
  • Are you accounting for dilapidations as per UK accountancy standards?
  • Do you understand your liability under your lease in regard to repair, reinstatement and decorations?
  • Do you have a lease break or are you looking to execute a break?
  • Are you in the last two years of your lease?
  • Are you looking to repair, alter or improve your property?

Whether your answer is 'YES', 'NO' or that you simply ‘DO NOT KNOW’, contacting Robertson Simpson today for free expert advice will save you money.  We will help you understand the terms and conditions of your lease and provide essential guidance for any planned property improvements. Pro-actively working towards a dilapidations timeline, ideally 18 months from a possible lease termination, will ensure you don't face any sudden financial surprises.

Our Promise

Robertson Simpson are specialist consultants for dilapidations claims throughout the UK, providing a personal service and expert advice when you need it. Our highly experienced, dedicated team are committed to providing a high quality, professional service that will help you save time and money, allowing you to focus on what you do best - running your business.

As our client, you are appointed a Robertson Simpson Director who personally manages the entire claims process, keeping you fully aware of the potential liability and costs of your dilapidations claim.

Due diligence questions prior to signing a new lease:

  • Is the wording in the lease appropriate for the building being leased?
  • Should there be a Schedule of Condition appended to the lease?
  • Are you sure that the structure is sound, do you need a Pre-Acquisition Survey? 

We have the answers just ask...